The Children from Mount Napf

The Children from Mount Napf

film-roll Switzerland / Color / 87' / 2011

Fifty children of mountain farmers, six miles of walking to school, a childhood in the heart of Switzerland. We accompany the children early in the morning, plodding through deep snow to the village school, back to the farms in the afternoon, where every child has its chores. At an early age the youngest generation is initiated to the livelihood of mountain farming. For 365 days the director and writer Alice Schmid accompanied the mountain children of the municipality of Romoos with her camera in the craggy, wild landscape around Mount Napf, to the mythical chasm of Aenziloch, where according to legend thunder is created and demons are dwelling to the present day. She created powerful images of the annual cycle in the “Wild West” of Lucerne.

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Alice Schmid

Born in Lucerne in 1951. Studied Spanish and Italian. Writer and filmmaker. In 1996 she founded the Ciné A.S. Ltd. in Zurich. Alice Schmid tells stories from around the world, always from the angle of the children. Her films have received international awards (Gold in Biarritz, the Erich Kästner Prize in Berlin, Silver in New York). With her first novel Thirteen Is My Number she has won the Literary Award of Central Switzerland.

Alice Schmid
Alice Schmid
Alice Schmid
Caterina Mona
Daniel Almada
Sound Design
Daniel Almada
Film Cast
Alice Schmid
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