The Coin

The Coin / 硬 币

film-roll China, USA / Color / 7' / 2019 9+

In the Chinese new year holidays, finding the coin inside the dumplings means having a blessed year ahead. A young woman loses a jar full of the lucky coins she has been collecting growing up, on her journey to a new country. Her new life begins with a search to find the coin.

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Siqi Song

She is an Oscars®-Nominated director and animator from China, currently based in California, United States. Her animated short films have been recognized by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Sundance, SXSW, and ASIFA-Hollywood. She is named a Film Independent Directing Fellow in 2018, BAFTA Los Angeles Newcomer in 2019. Siqi is an alumnus of California Institute of the Arts and China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Siqi Song
Siqi Song
Bongani Mlambo
Siqi Song
Alexis Grapsas
Sound Design
Alex Nomick
Lon Bender
Film Cast
Anna Pan
Diana Ward
Mandarin Chinese, English
Sister (2018)
Food (2014)
Animation Short Film