The Crocodiles Strike Back

The Crocodiles Strike Back

film-roll Germany / Color / 90' / 2010

Summer vacation, the first tender stirrings of romance and cool new gang headquarters – life could be perfect for The Crocodiles, were there not strange goings-on in the plant where Ollie and Maria’s parents work. The factory is facing lay-offs and maybe even closure, meaning their parents may lose their jobs, even their home. That would spell the end of the Crocodiles: if Ollie and Maria have to move, there would be no gang left for Hannes, Kai, Jorgo, Frank and Peter, either! So of course the Crocodiles would do anything to get to the bottom of the mysterious series of accidents at the plant – including hair-raising stunts and chases, secretive sleuthing, and even going so far as to get a makeover from Kai’s seriously annoying big-city cousin Jenny, so they can go undercover at the hippest nightclub in town. The Crocodiles put the pedal to the metal and race full speed ahead – on bikes and souped-up wheelchairs – into their next adventure!

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Christian Ditter

Christian Ditter was born in Giessen in 1977. He attended Munich film school HFF Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, winning prizes at national and international festivals with his short films “Verzaubert” (2000) and “Grounded” (2003). His internationally funded and produced debut feature “French for beginners” launched at the top of German B.O. charts in summer of 2006. He went on to direct Grimme Prize and German TV Prize winning series “Turkish for beginners” (2007) and hit RTL series “Doctor’s diary” (2008), which won the German TV Prize, the German Comedy Prize and the Grimme Prize. In 2008, he directed the theatrical adaptation of Max von der Grün's children's classic “The Crocodiles”, which won him the kidpic prize "White Elephant" as well as the screenplay prize "Kid Tiger" awarded by the federal film board and KI.KA kids' channel.

Christian Ditter
Neil Ennever
Christian Ditter
Christian Rein
Ueli Christen
Heiko Maile
Film Cast
Nick Romeo Reimann
Fabian Halbig
Leonie Tepe
Manuel Steitz
Javidan Imani
Robin Walter
David Hürten
Ella-Maria Gollmer
Nora Tschirner
Maria Schrader
Esther Schweins
Dietmar Bär
Raoul Brauner
Roman Brauner
Christian Becker
Lena Olbrich
The Crocodiles (2009)
The Crocodiles-Doctor’s diary (2008)
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