The fairy tale of the Gypsy and the Snake

The Fairy Τale of the Gypsy and the Snake

film-roll Poland / Color / 3' / 2010

The fairy tale is based on the story by an eminent Polish expert on Gypsy culture, Jerzy Ficowski. It tells a story of Gypsy wanderings and their guardian snake.

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Joanna Polak

She is an expert in feature and television film making and photography, laureate of many film competitions, award-winning animated film director recognized in Poland and abroad, assistant lecturer at Digital Media Art Unit of Fine Arts Institute, Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin. Her films, video installations, photography, sculpture, macramés and paintings have been exhibited in dozens of a exhibitions, festivals (on five continents) and over 300 presentations, and screened by 13 television channels (Europe, Asia, USA). She authored 83 films, most of them animated.

Joanna Polak
Bozena Szroeder
Marek Skorupski
Jolanta Kozinska
Joanna Polak
Young people from the studio "Kroniki Sejneńskie"
Film Cast
Aleksandra Szruba
Fundacja Pogranicze