The Governance of Love

O rządach miłości

film-roll Poland / Color / 13' / 2013

It is an animated documentary about imagination. The protagonist lives in several realities at the same time. Real people and events intertwine with those created by his imagination. He looks for a place for himself in this world and does it in his own unique way. He spins a tale while dreaming about the rule of love in Poland. Despite its naivety, his world ignites thought about the existential notions of good and evil. The author uses animation to show the inner life of the mentally ill patient and for the visual value of the film uses images created spontaneously by the protagonist.

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Adela Kaczmarek

Adela Kaczmarek is a graduate of the Graphic Arts Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Her diploma film, Bay (2008), made at the Professor Jerzy Kucia’s Animated Film Studio, won a special award at the Polish Festival of Original Animated Films (OFAFA) in Krakow. She debuted with a short film The Full Sun (2012). She then participated in the POLSKA.DOC workshop, where she made The Governance of Love.

Adela Kaczmarek
Adela Kaczmarek
Adela Kaczmarek
Adela Kaczmarek
Mikołaj Majkusiak
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