The Ignorants

The Ignorants / Ignorenterne

film-roll Denmark / Color / 8' / 2019

Refugees drown in the Mediterranean. The sea around us is rising and we are participating in one war after another, creating more refugees. Meanwhile, we look passively from the first row.

4 Dec - 20:15 / Απόλλων
director image

Jannik Hastrup

He has for more than 5 decades directed and delivered more than 100 animated films among these 14 features and as the director of some of the most beloved Danish animated children films, Hastrup has become an institution in Danish cinema. He has directed animated classics such as "Circleen" (created in 196 7 and later on brought to the big screen in three features), "Benny’s bathtub" (1971), "Samson & Sally" (1984), "War of the birds" (1990) and the "Boy who wanted to be a bear" (2003) just to mention a few.

Jannik Hastrup
Jannik Hastrup
Uffe Boesen
Jannik Hastrup
Jens Wilhelm Pedersen
Sound Design
Jens Wilhelm Pedersen
Marie Bro
No Dialogue
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