The Intergalactic Space Adventure of Cleo and Anouk

The Intergalactic Space Adventure of Cleo and Anouk

film-roll Canada / Color / 14' / 2012

After an accident puts nine-year-old Anouk bed bound in hospital, physically broken and mentally shocked, her eccentric best friend Cleo, self-proclaimed space adventurer, takes it upon herself to outdo modern medicine and take matters into her own hands. The world can be a tough place. So sometimes you need to escape it entirely.

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Celeste Koon

Celeste is the founder of «Pennyfarthing Pictures», a film production company that focuses on the creation of children’s films that combine live action with various forms of animation. She writes, directs, production designs, and produces her various projects. She also works in the art department, as a member of the directors guild of Canada, on many features films and big budget television show – from the indie Score: A Hockey Musical, to the television co-production Combat Hospital.

Celeste Koon
Celeste Koon
Daniel Grant
Michael Pierro
Dennis Van Dine
Sound Design
Kiril Belousov
Film Cast
Joey Hunter
Ella Ballentine
Alexandra Howell
Aaron Kopff
Celeste Koon
Howie Ng
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