The Last Day of School

The Last Day of School

film-roll Lithuania, USA / Color / 15' / 2018

Based on real events, this is a story of Edgaras who is in love with Miglė. They are high school seniors, living in a small Lithuanian town close to the Belarus border. Miglė wants to move to Vilnius, the capital, after graduation. Edgaras wants to go with her but he has a younger brother to support at home. On the last day of school, an old friend Viktoras offers Edgaras “easy money”—to go with him on a cigarette run to Belarus—a common source of income for many living on the border. Edgaras used to smuggle too, but he had quit because Miglė disapproves of it. But today, pressured by Viktoras and desiring to afford a kind of lifestyle Miglė wants, Edgaras makes the decision that will have fatal consequences.

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Gabrielė Urbonaitė

Born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Writer, director and editor based in Lithuania and the U.S. She is a recipient of National Lithuanian Film Award Silver Crane for The Swimmer and Princess Grace Film Award for Back. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Screenwriting and Directing at Columbia University in New York City.

Gabrielė Urbonaitė
Gabrielė Urbonaitė
Tomas Vengris
Saulius Lukoševičius
Sound Design
Iveta Macevičiūtė
Film Cast
Lukas Auksoraitis
Šarūnas Zenkevičius
Karolina Kildaitė
Sonata Visockaitė
Simas Vėgelis
Justinas Piliponis
Leva Norvilienė
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