The Last Summer of the Boyita

The Last Summer of the Boyita

film-roll Argentina, France, Spain / Color / 86' / 2009

La Boyita is a caravan and a magical hiding place, a refuge for Jorgelina, a curious girl on the passage from childhood to adolescence. Going on holiday to the countryside with her father, she meets Mario, who has already started working on his family’s ranch. One day, returning from a horse ride, she discovers a bloodstain on Mario’s saddle and another one on his trousers. Jorgelina tries to understand, but Mario, ashamed and insecure, has no clue of why he is not like the other boys. This revelation, instead of separating them, brings the two friends even closer together…

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Julia Solomonoff

Julia Solomonoff is a writer-director from Argentina, currently teaching at Columbia University in New York City. Her first feature, “Hermanas”, played at Toronto and Miami in 2005, and she also produced “Cocalero” which played Sundance and Miami in 2007. She was the 1st AD on the film “Motorcycle Diaries”.

Julia Solomonoff
Julia Solomonoff
Lucio Bonelli
Rosario Suarez
Andrés Tambornino
Sebastian Escofet
Sound Design
Lena Esquenazi
Film Cast
Guadalupe Alonso
Nicolás Treise
Mirella Pascual
Gabo Correa
Guillermo Pfenning
Pepe Salvia
Maria Teresa Arida
Lucia Seabra
Julia Solomonoff
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