The Line

ll Tratto

film-roll Italy / Color / 15' / 2017

Federico is an introvert and lonely child. A meeting with an old artist coming from Senegal helps him discover his talent and learn to see others for what they are. The line is a tale of a friendship that is founded on those differences that make each of us unique, and of the art of telling the story of ourselves through each other.

director image

Alessandro Stevanon

Born in Aosta (IT) in 1982. Once he finished his studies at Istituto di Stato per la Cinematografia Roberto Rossellini in Rome in 2004, he started working as an author and director in Italy as well as abroad. He made documentaries for the broadcasters RAI and RSI.

Alessandro Stevanon
Alessandro Stevanon
Claudio Giordano
Claudio Giordano
Fabio Bianchini Pepegna
Raffaele D’Anello
Sound Design
Giovanni Corona
Film Cast
Mattia Musa
Mohamed Ba
Eleni Molos
Jean Paul Dal Monte
Daniele Segre
Daniele De Cicco
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