The little one


film-roll Czech Republic / Color / 10' / 2017

The film says the story of Rong (6 yrs.), a small girl who lives in the Czech Republic as a foreigner. While growing up Rong experiences various unpleasant situations connected to her Vietnamese origin – looking different from the other children. Rong is silent and spends most of the time with her fish – her closest being. Getting older Rong gains self-confidence and in 18 years of her age Rong can even support her sister Lilly in the same struggles Rong knows herself – from her own childhood – teaches her that being different does not mean being worse.

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Diana Cam Van Nguyen

She was born in Cheb, Czech Republic. She graduated at Secondary School of Applied Arts in Prague in 2013. She took part in internships in Krakow, Birmingham and Lyon. She's been studying at the Department of Animation Film in The Academy of Performing Arts Film and TV School (FAMU) in Prague. She works as a freelance illustrator, hosts animation workshops and takes part in exhibitions.

Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Vojtěch Bohuslav
Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Marek Berger
Martina Chwistková
Filip Javora
Bára Anna Stejskalová
Edgar Ortiz
Viera Marinová
Sound Design
Viera Marinová
Karolína Pojarová
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