The name-less

The Nameless

film-roll France / Color / 12' / 2010

A young boy, the name-less, lives apart from the world, in a place he helped to create, both protected and shut in. One day, aroused by sounds and images from the outside, he decides to leave and explore the world. He then has to face the wrath of his abandoned creation and his fear of the unknown. He eventually encounters a young girl.

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Violaine Lecuyer

Born on the 12th of January 1968, in Suresnes, France. Violaine Lecuyer studied at the Fine-Arts National Academy in Paris. Bothered by the dichotomy between body representation and experiment, she has pursued at the same time an intensive physical practice (contemporary dance, corporeal theater, butoh and martial arts). She practiced direct animation by working with Florence Miailhe on three of her last films ("Urban Tale", "White Birds, Black Birds" and "On the First Sunday of August"). This technique allows her to connect the two approaches. She teaches this practice in French animation schools (Ecole Georges Méliès in Orly and EMCA in Angouleme).

Violaine Lecuyer
Violaine Lecuyer
Olivier Gillon
Violaine Lecuyer
Olivier Gillon
Barthélemy Péron
Sound Design
Jean Mallet
Animation Short FilmIn Competition