The Onion boy

The Onion boy / Cipollino

film-roll USSR / Color / 39' / 1961

The kingdom of fruit and vegetables is ruled by the bitter and unlikeable Prince Lemon. There also lives Cipollino, the Onion Boy, a clever and mischievous little boy who cannot tolerate injustice. The conflict between Cipollino and Prince Lemon is inevitable. It is time for the inhabitants of the kingdom to be rid of the tyrannic regime imposed by the prince and his two praetorians, Lord Tomato and Countess Cherry.

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Boris Petrovich Dezhkin

Boris Petrovich Dezhkin
Mstislav Paschenko
Karen Khachturyan
Film Cast
Nina Gulyaeva
Erast Garin
Sergey Martinson
Grigoriy Shpigel
Irina Pototskaya