The Passenger

The Passenger

film-roll Finland / Color / 28' / 2012

The Passenger is a creative documentary that deals with a heavy historical subject: The treatment of Jewish people in Poland during the WWII. It is a thrilling survival story of a young man, a boy, really. The cleverly constructed film is of interest to everyone, but it is made especially with young people in mind. Those who have grown up in a welfare state during peacetime, are vaccinated and have plenty of money to spend.

director image

Pia Andell

Director Pia Andell has made films for almost 20 years. Her films have won several accolades and have been widely shown on television, as well as at various festivals, including Prix Europa, Banff, Nordisk Panorama and IDFA. This film premiered at the esteemed IDFA festival in Amsterdam.

Pia Andell
Pia Andell
Pekka Uotila
Jussi Eerola
Kirsi Korhonen
Antony Bentley
Sound Design
Kirsi Korhonen
Pia Andell
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