The Rice Paddy

The Rice Paddy

film-roll France / Color / 84' / 2010

“The rice paddy” is a portrait of a village in southern China. The film follows a family through four seasons in the rice paddy. The story is told by a 12-year-old girl named A Qiu. When their grandmother dies, the children’s parents have to leave their jobs on a construction site in the city and come back to live in the village. A Qiu lives at the crossroads of tradition and the modern world. She has decided to become a writer when she grows up. The story is filmed with villagers, non-professional actors, playing the characters. This touching psychological fable is the first movie to be filmed entirely in the Dong language (a Tibeto-Burman language).

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Xiaoling Zhu

Writer and director, Zhu Xiaoling, a French citizen, was born in southern China. She studied at the Beijing Film School (scenario department), while working at film studios in Guangxi. She directed a fiction TV movie for the Chinese television, before she moved to France in the ’90s. She worked as a writer, director and co-producer of documentaries and short films. She worked several years on writing and directing her first feature film, “The rice paddy”, a film she shot in the Dong ethnic minority region of Guangxi, the region of her childhood.

Xiaoling Zhu
Xiaoling Zhu
Simon Pradinas
Philippe Bottiglione
Pierre Haberer
Simon Pradinas
Xiaoling Zhu
Sound Design
Elizabeth Paquotte
Film Cast
Yang Yingqiu
Yang Xiaoyuan
Wu Shenming
O Xuexin
Shi Guangjin
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Tangka du Tibet (1997)
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