The Secret of the Circus

The Secret of the Circus

film-roll Spain / Color / 13' / 2012

Elena, a young trapeze artist in a small travelling circus, stays longer than usual in a small town. There she will experience for the first time the clash between the stability of the town and the nomadic life of the circus.

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Leyla Daruis Luis

After doing several courses on film script writing at the Canary Islands School of Literary Creation, several subjects on film history at the Faculty of Art History at La Laguna University (Tenerife), and filming various amateur short films as director, she enrolled at the Madrid Film and Audiovisual School (ECAM) within the specialty of film direction.

Leyla Daruis Luis
Ana Puentes
Manuel del Moral Riviére
Iván de Paz
Andrés Lopetegi
Sound Design
Roberto Herrador
Film Cast
Patricia Ponce de León
Adrián Lamana
Leticia Texidor
Jonathan González
Lucina Gil
Nacho Marraco
Víctor Suárez
Liliana Sabrina Lasprilla
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