The silence of the river

The silence of the river / El silencio del rio

film-roll Peru / Color / 14' / 2020 9+

Juan, a 9 year-old kid, lives with his dad in a floating house across the Amazon river. Through an oniric journey into the rainforest jungle, he will discover the truth about his dad.

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Francesca Canepa

She is a Peruvian filmmaker. She studied Cinema at the University of Montpellier and she holds a Master degree in Cinematography from the ESCAC, the Cinema School of Catalunya. After studying a Scriptwriting at the EICTV in Cuba, Francesca won a scholarship to study an MBA in Film Direction at the cinema school EFTI in Madrid, which she’s currently pursuing. She's a director who strives to tell stories with a socially conscious message. Her first short film "Aya" (2017), shot in the Peruvian Andes, obtained the price of Best Iberoamerican Short Film at the Guadalajara Film Festival (FICG) 2017 and gain international attention from the cinema critics.

Francesca Canepa
Francesca Canepa
Christian Valera
Gino Moreno
Karin Zielinski
Sound Design
Raul Astete
Film Cast
Wilson Isminio Cruz
Roover Mesia
Luis Mesia
Jimena Hospina
Aya (2017)
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