The Squirrel and the Swallow

The Squirrel and the Swallow

film-roll Netherlands / Color / 6'40''' / 2010

The squirrel makes friends with the swallow. When the swallow is in danger he tries everything to save her. In this short animation film, Eekhoorn (Squirrel) sadly watches how the approaching winter forces his new friend Zwaluw (Swallow) to look for a warmer place. Eekhoorn already misses his pal. He tries to find out how he can reach the southbound bird. Especially because Eekhoorn discovers that Zwaluw is in danger. Inspired by an animal story by poet and author of children’s books Toon Tellegen.

director image

Arjan Boeve

Arjan Boeve is a film director and an animator. He was born in Kampen, Netherlands, in 1986. He studied in Academy for visual arts, Zwolle, Netherlands. He is member of the Animation Studios of the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film (NIAf).

Arjan Boeve
Elena van Eeden-Nikitkina
Arjan Boeve
Marianne Eijgendaal
Mandy Geuskens
Juan de Graaf
Peter Wassink
Peter Lindhout
Paul M. van Brugge
Sound Design
Mark Glynne
Animation Short FilmIn Competition