The Swedish Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs

film-roll Sweden / Color / 7' / 2010

An animated film for children about a young meatball who discovers the world with his family in a simple and dramatic form, bringing up important issues about human values and emotions

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Johan Hagelback

Born in Stockholm. Educated at the School of Art, department for graphic design 1964­­-1968. Studied film at the University of Stockholm. Worked as Art Director in London and Amsterdam after he completed his studies. Joined GK Film AB in the beginning of the 70’s where he made some shorts for children based on his own original ideas. These shorts won prizes internationally. After this he began producing his own films. In 1992 Johan Hagelback started to paint in sour-milk (yogurt). He can also sound like a real frog.

Johan Hagelback
Johan Hagelback
Johan Hagelback
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