The Wayang Kids

The Wayang Kids

film-roll Singapore / Color / 87' / 2018

The film follows the adventures of a group of elementary students in Singapore seek to overcome their personal struggles while representing their school in an international Chinese opera performance. A boy among this group must push through his autism to ultimately prove to everyone and himself that he has what it takes to be on stage. “The Wayang Kids” is a heartwarming film that sheds light on different cultures and backgrounds, and shows how our differences can actually bring us together.

1 Dec - 18:00 / Απόλλων
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Raymond Tan

An Engineer by qualification but a filmmaker at heart. Not having a media degree to his accreditation, he picked up film knowledge from ground zero and independently produced and directed a short film entitled "Wa Is for Wayang" in 2011. Raymond loves examining cross-cultural themes and ever since, he has made two other cultural-rich stories in his award-winning movie “Wayang Boy” and his latest movie “The Wayang Kids”. Between film projects, Raymond visits schools to share his passion for movies with students. He hopes his journey can be an inspiration for many young aspiring filmmakers.

Raymond Tan
Puay Kiong Lim
Dennis Lai
Kah Sing Cheah
Raymond Tan
Yan Seng Tan
Mun Chong Yim
August Lum
Sound Design
Kenji Zhuang
Kwang Hoe Low
Mandarin Chinese
Wayang Boy (2014)
Wa is for Wayang (2011)
Feature Fiction Film