The Window

The Window

film-roll Switzerland / Color / 5' / 2012

A young boy doesn’t like to stay in the streets and prefers to read stories at home, which make him dream. But one day he meets a girl his age and realizes that he is not at all like the hero of his book.

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Camille Müller

Camille Müller, born in 1988, learned drawing at the Atelier d’Arts Visuels Pierre Moor in Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland). From 2009, she studies 2D animation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts and obtained her Bachelor diploma in 2012.

Camille Müller
Camille Müller
Camille Müller
Thierry Epiney
Sound Design
Thomas Gassmann
Christof Steinmann
Film Cast
Matteo et Stella Gassmann
Aleksandra et Sara Lazic
Eloïse Anex
François Chalet
Hochschule Luzern
Animation Short FilmIn Competition