The Years of Silence

Los Αnos del Silencio

film-roll Spain / Color / 18' / 2009

In the middle of the Spanish post-war period, a low murmur catches the attention of a little boy, who looks for his mother to find her looking anxiously at the window. Adults uncomfortably tell him that the strange sound must be from a distant storm, but he will soon find out the truth behind it, changing his life forever.

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Marcel Leal

Marcel Leal started studying film direction at the CECC (Centre of Film Studies of Catalonia) after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Graduate Qualification in Music, specialising in recorder. During his film studies, he attended lectures by Patricio Guzmán, José Luis Guerín, Míchel Gaztambide, Luis Aller y Ricardo Íscar, among others. Marcel Leal is currently alternating his audiovisual projects with his job as a recorder, music and new technologies teacher at the Music Conservatoire in Barcelona. He is also the director of a summer course and he plays with the Duo cherzo, a music group specialised in the divulgation of the original repertoire written for recorder and piano.

Marcel Leal
Marcel Leal
Inigo Zubicaray
Aitor Guinea
Alejandro Civilotti
Sound Design
Eva Valino
Film Cast
Maria Ruiz
Pol Fernandez
Jordi Banacolocha
Carmen Garcia
Ivan Morales
Aron Piper
Vicenc Mayol
Josep Ducat
Jordi Barrios
Vicenc Leal
Antonia Casado
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