Tiptoe / 踮腳尖

film-roll Taiwan / Color / 17' / 2019

It has been almost a week since mother left home. The ten-year-old girl Jiajia and her seven-year-old brother Kai try to follow their mother’s daily routines while waiting for her to come back. Their father is busy as usual. The grown-up world stays on its everyday orbit. Jiajia, standing on her tiptoes, tries so hard to keep mother’s routines, but the strangeness and clumsiness of the attempts keep reminding her the sting of the mother’s absence, just like the over-grown fringe getting into her eyes.

2 Dec - 20:15 / Απόλλων
director image

I-Ju Lin

She was born in 1992 in Taipei, Taiwan. She graduated from Department of Sociology at National Taiwan University. She is now a freelance filmmaker. Her works are often based on personal experiences, focusing on the interrelationship of people, family, and society. "Tiptoe" was her debut fictional short film as a director.

I-Ju Lin
I-Ju Lin
Yao-Hua Ku
Shao-Chun Chen
I-Ju Lin
KT Chang
Sound Design
Nien-Yung Huang
Film Cast
Tang-Ning Chiang
En-Tzu Hsieh
Nai-Han Hsu
Startle Chen
Wei-Hua Tu
Mandarin Chinese
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