film-roll Mexico / Color / 95' / 2017

Jacinta (6) guides us through the story of siblings Dylan (6), Andrea (11) and Lucas (2 and a half ) who arrive in a fishing community on Mexico’s Pacific coast to set off with their new local friends on a journey of discovery in search of long lost pirate loot left back by Francis Drake, centuries ago.

In sunny and lively images, a story of children confidently indulging their lust for life and curiosity. Armed with their intelligence, a tablet, and some maps, these children are given freedom to go their own ways and together find something much more valuable than a buried treasure. Transporting us to a place of optimism, beauty and wonder.

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Maria Novaro

Born in Mexico City in 1951, she studied film at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. She became well known with her second feature Danzón (1991) at the Cannes Film Festival. Her films have been screened and awarded in many important International film festivals (Berlin, Sundance, Rome, Guadalajara, Huesca). One of her first shorts, Una isla rodeada de agua (1984), was aquired by the MOMA in New York. Retrospectives of her work have been held in Madrid (2010), Kerala, India (2010) and Monterrey (2009). She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (USA), the Academia de Cine (Spain), and AMACC (Mexico). She has three children (Mara, Santiago and Lucero) and three grandchildren (Andrea, Dylan and Jacinta).

Maria Novaro
María Novaro
Gerardo Barroso
Lisa Tilliger
María Novaro
Sound Design
Valeria Mancheva
Nerio Barberis
Film Cast
Jacinta Chávez
Dylan Sutton Chávez
Andrea Sutton Chávez
Lucas Barroso Tillinger
Michelle Organiz
Aranza Bañuelos
Julio César Reyes
Matilde Hernández
Julieta Bárcenas
Jazmin Bárcenas
María Novaro
Pamela Guinea
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Feature Fiction Film