film-roll Brazil / Color / 73' / 2012

Truks is a documentary that narrates the 21 years of existence of the namesake theatrical group. Inspired by the ancient Bunraku technique and with peculiar style, Truks has thrilled audiences of all ages around the world through its plays. In the film, testimonials from actors, critics, and audience, intersperse with beautiful scenes and thoughts on man’s relationship with the art of telling and understanding stories through puppets and objects. Truks is a theatre company, but it is something movieworthy.

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Joao Inacio

Joao Inacio is a film director, composer, screenwriter, graduated in social communication with several specialization courses in cinema. He has an extended multimedia experience as an artist, poet, musician, novelist, having created and directed radio and TV shows. Furthermore he has produced and directed Brazilian musical bands' DVDs as well as several documentaries, including Sal da Terra, Navegando nas αguas de Deus, and Naoum.

Joao Inacio
Joao Inacio
Isaac An
Lemuel Massuia
Joao Inacio
Matheus Felip
Sound Design
Anayran Pinheiro
Film Cast
Claudio Saltini
Henrique Sitchin
Veronica Gerchman
Naoum (2008)
Navegando nas αguas de Deus (2008)
Sal da Terra (2006)
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