Two Princesses

Two Princesses

film-roll Russia / Color / 8'52"' / 2009

The film is based on an English fairy tale “The Nutcracker.” This story is about how the courage and resourcefulness help people get what they want in this life, and become a winner in different situations. Love prevails over evil’s magic and helps to open up the real feelings.

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Maria Stepanova

Maria Stepanova was born in 1976 in Cairo (Egypt). In 1997 she graduated VGIK as an animation director. From 1998 to 2000 she directed the animation feature film “New Bremen’s musicians” and she practiced for a year (2002-03) in the cinema academy of Munich. Maria Stepanova is a Candidate of Arts. She works in different techniques: coffee animation, computer cut-outs, flash-animation.

Maria Stepanova
Anna Kalin
Boris Volkov
Igor Kleshuk
Jenia Nadtochey
Maxim Korol
Olga Ribina
Kirill Blochin
Pavel Genender
Maria Stepanova
Elena Koryukova
Grigoriy Malishev
Sergei Reshetnikov
Izolda Solodova
Ksenia Ustyushaninova
Irina Startzeva
Diana Kazarina
Dmitry Zolotov
music group «Spiritual seasons»
Sound Design
Vadim Ronin
Film Cast
Kuznetsova Varvara
Lyubov Gaidukova
Vassana (2006)
The Holyday (2002)
Tracery (2000)
Animation Short FilmIn Competition