Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days

Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days / Tio Tomás, a contabilidade dos dias

film-roll Canada, France, Portugal / Color / 13' / 2019

From the director’s personal and visual memories, a tribute to her uncle Thomas, a humble man with a simple and anonymous life. An acknowledgment of the fact that one does not have to be “somebody” to become exceptional in our life.

5 Dec - 20:00 / Cine Cinema
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Regina Pessoa

She got her degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto in 1998. She has been co-orientating several animation workshops since 1992. In 1992, she started working in animation. Her films obtained a vast recognition, winning countless awards and becoming inescapable references. All her films are in the Portuguese National Cinema Plan, being studied by children and young people in Schools in Portugal. In 2016, she became Senior Lecturer at Filmakademie-Germany. In 2018, she became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Regina Pessoa
Regina Pessoa
Abi Feijó
Normand Roger
Sound Design
Normand Roger
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Abi Feijó
Regina Pessoa
Abi Feijó
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