film-roll Greece / Color / 22' / 2017

“Where does the sun go when the night comes? Why are eggs so important to people? But why doesn’t my brother take me with him for the Christmas carols? Who is Mr. Al-Jaime, who follows my grandfather everywhere? As six-year-old Mark solves his queries, he meets for the first time the magic fairytale that we call the circle of life.

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Karina Logothetis

She was born in the USA and grew up in Thessaloniki. After she completed her studies at the TEI of photography and Audiovisual Arts in the Department of Digital Filmmaking of SAE, she started to work in the field of cinema mainly as assistant and script supervisor. In 2016, she moved to Los Angeles, where she has been working since then.

Karina Logothetis
Karina Logothetis
Simon Sarketzis GSC
Vanessa Zeri
Vasilis Zlatanos
Sound Design
Vasilis Zlatanos
Film Cast
Andreas Iosif Sideris
Kostas Laskos
Nikolakis Zegkinoglou
Fani Kalogirou Valti
Elli Anastasiou
Fenia Kossovitsa
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