film-roll Denmark / Color / 5' / 2009

In a colourful and vibrant town, all the people and animals can whistle – with one exception, namely the small bird called Whistleless. He flies around trying to whistle, but he is hopeless to the point that all others give up teaching him. But all Whistleless wants, is to take part in the music and festivities of the town. After going through trials and tribulations Whistleless realizes that he has what it takes.

director image

Siri Melchior

Born 1971, Copenhagen. Educated as animation director from the Royal College of Art in 1999. In 2004, she created the animation studio TRUNK STUDIO with two colleagues from Royal College. In this multi-creative environment she has worked individual and in ”director groups”, for companies such as Channel 4, BBC Scotland, MTV, Domino records and Virgin. Her work has been published by SHOTS, Computer Arts Magazine, Televisual, og Boards Magazine.

Siri Melchior
Siri Melchior
Aaron Lampert
Siri Melchior
Christopher Wright
Rachinta Platts
Hyebin Lee
Tanera Dawkins
Sound Design
Olle Tannergard
Marie Bro
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Animation Short FilmIn Competition