White Crow

Bijela vrana

film-roll Croatia / Color / 9' / 2018

Little White Crow is not the perfect match in the flock of black crows. On the contrary she is often laughed at and bullied. But when flock environment goes through turbulent changes, little White Crow helps them find a better place to live.

director image

Miran Miošić

Born in Dubrovnik, educated in Zagreb ADU (BA) and Los Angeles UCLA (MA). He directed more than 30 TV shows and was film editor on 18 feature films including Joe the king - winner of Waldo Salt Award at Sundance Film Festival in 1999-, Buick Riviera - winner of Sarajevo film festival in 2008- and Like Sunday, Like Rain -winner of Williamsburg Film Festival in 2014. His first animated film Hidden Talent won Special Mention at Children and Youth Festival (KUKI) in Berlin, 2014. White Crow is his second animated film. He continues to edit feature films and write, direct and edit animated films while teaching at ADU - Zagreb, UCLA - Los Angeles and FAMU - Prague.

Miran Miošić
Miran Miošić
Ana Horvat
Hrvoje Habljak
Ana-Marija Vidaković
Miran Miošić
Sound Design
Hrvoje Štefotić
Vinko Brešan
Hidden talent (2013)
Animation Short FilmIn Competition