Wild Bird

Wild Bird

film-roll Denmark / Color / 25' / 2012

Karla has tamed a wild bird and now wants to show it to her friend, Janus, whom she is in love with. However, the trip over the fields towards her friend gets off to a bad start when her parents tell her to bring her younger brother, Mikkel, along. Karla and Mikkel have a way of bringing out the worst in each other and that day is no exception. Despite the brother’s company, Karla finds the time to show Janus the bird. Unfortunately for her, he is disgusted by it and runs away. Karla is left hurt and angry and takes out her frustration on her brother, resulting in incalculable consequences…

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Jacob Bitsch

Born 1976, in Odense. He got a Bachelor's degree in Cinema studies from the University of Copenhagen (1998-2001) and did 2 years of full time studies at New York University's Undergraduate Film Department, Tisch School of the Arts (2001-03). He also did a course in Film Directing at FAMU Film School, Prague, Czech Republic (Summer of 2002) and holds a degree in Film Directing from the National Film School of Denmark (2003-2007).

Jacob Bitsch
Jacob Bitsch
Niels Buchholzer
Marlene Billie Andreasen
Sune Martin
Sound Design
Alex Pavlovic
Film Cast
Carla Fjelsted Rasmussen
Alfred Erik Nordhøj Kann
Sophus Abrahamsen
Joen Højerslev
Laura Ljungdalh
Lea Løbger
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