film-roll United Kingdom / Color / 13' / 2012

When Laura hears that her boyfriend, Sam may have cheated on her, it tips her life upside down. She attempts to return it to normal –meeting with Sam to test his feelings for her– but soon realises that doubt, once seeded, is not so easy to uproot.

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Edward Bishop

Ed has been working in the film and television industry since 2000. He started doing set work and production assisting on music videos and commercials for companies such as MJZ, Academy and RSA. Then he worked on various BBC films and a few independent productions, including the highly acclaimed Bullet Boy. In 2004 he joined Arri Crew as a camera assistant. At about this time he shot and edited a small documentary. He learned what he could as a cutting room assistant to Chris Dickens (winner of the 2010 Oscar for best picture editing on Slumdog Millionaire) and then he began his career as an editor, which continues to this day. Wild is his first film.

Edward Bishop
Vicki Murrell
Joseph Mastrangelo
Edward Bishop
Sound Design
Dylan Voigt
Charlie Cook
Film Cast
Antonia Clarke
Sam Lee
Martyn Gough
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