You’re Welcome

You're Welcome

film-roll Austria, Germany, Switzerland / Color / 9' / 2017

While waiting for her train in a café a young woman (Olivia) suddenly ends up in a situation where the barista chases away a begging girl and starts to stir up hatred against refugees with two customers. Olivia has to decide whether to simply leave the place like another customer does or to take action. Based on a true story.

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Rebecca Panian

After her pre-film-life as a sign writer, a Flight Attendant and a Graphic Designer, she worked as a TV-Editor for Endemol Germany and as a freelance-editor and director for the Swiss Television and did her Bachelor of Arts in journalism. Since 2006 she realizes documentaries and fictional film projects. From 2012 till 2015 she did her Master’s in directing fiction at the ZHdK in Switzerland. She finished her studies with the short film Fragile, which has been shown on several festivals worldwide. Her first feature length documentary Zu Ende Leben (Dying To Live) won the Audience Award at the Zurich Film Festival 2014 and had its theatrical release in Switzerland in April 2015.

Rebecca Panian
Rebecca Panian
Sylvia Borges
Martina Plura
Rebecca Panian
Sound Design
Julian Cropp
Film Cast
Daniela Schulz
Liv Killing
Björn von der Wellen
Christoph Letkowski
Tom Keune
Bernardo Arias Porras
Tara Biere
Rebecca Panian
Gerda Leopold
Fragil (2015)
Waende (2015)
Zu ende leben (2014)
Things change (2011)
Aromat (2008)
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