film-roll Colombia / Color / 14' / 2018

Yover is barely twelve, but he must work. Everyday he rides the streets of the new Bojaya – a village that survived the bloodiest massacre of the war in Colombia – and continues to steal from reality, minutes of fantasy and play, which belong to the world of children. Yover embodies the forgiveness of a past that is revealed through him and the faith to move forward toward a future of simple rewards.

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Edison Sánchez

Born in Colombia in 1990, he has worked as a photo journalist for the La Patria and El Espectador newspapers and received the National Journalism Award for his La Casita de Polvo report. His short film La mera propina screened at numerous international festivals, including at Cannes in 2014. He is an official photographer of the Cartagena, Panama and Santander festivals. His short documentary Resistencia en paz premiered at the Cartagena Film Festival and went on to be shown at other festivals in Colombia and abroad.

Edison Sánchez
Edison Sánchez
Carlos Hernández
Fausto Tapias
Sound Design
Juan Pablo Patiño
Film Cast
Yober Calvo Cuesta
Adalberto Scarpeta Romana
Litzy Zamira Díaz
Resistencia en paz (2017)
La mera propina (2014)
Fiction Short FilmsIn Competition