Voula Papagiannis is an educator and author, a scientific collaborator-educator at the Centre for Intercultural Education (KE.D.A.) of the University of Athens, and president of the Youth and Children University of Greece. She has studied Pedagogics, Sociology, Psychology and Latin-American Studies in the universities of Zurich and Berlin. She has many years of teaching and research experience in the universities of Athens and Thrace, the Open University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin) and the La Catolica University in Lima, Peru, as well as in the Greek Institute of Training (INEP). Her scientific interests focus on the issues of minorities and social change, the dialogue between civilizations, racism, and intercultural and global developmental education. Among the books she has authored are the following: ‘Intercultural Education’,‘From citizen of the nation to citizen of the world’,‘Introduction to Global Development Education’,‘Developmental Goals for the Millennium. Our bet for a better world’[Actionaid-Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Hellenicaid)],‘The alphabet book of anti-racism’. She has written the educational books ‘The People’s Agora’, ‘Our teeth’, ‘The alphabet book of teeth’, ‘The family on friendship street’, ‘Refugees’, ‘Sea, sea: A work plan’, and ‘Technology’, as well as the children’s books ‘Boubou and Babalou’, ‘O Akanthoulis’, ‘The Olympic Games of Joy’ (translated into English, Chinese, and French –official submission of the Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs at the Beijing Olympic Games), ‘War in the land of pencils’, ‘The Dream-breaker’, and ‘Mums’. Furthermore, she has written the theatrical play ‘Christmas in Dreamland’, which was performed as a musical by the municipality of Athens in 2009.