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Awards 2014

    International Jury Awards

    Rationale of the International Jury Cinema, as a complex art, has the potential to give concrete form to the sentiments and ideas of the creators. It give us a way out of the solitude of the small screen –whether that is the TV or a touch screen– and takes us to the cinema halls where we can get in touch with our emotions, share them and talk about them, thus becoming one with the others. Cinema remains the medium of knowledge, respect and, of course, peace. Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People, as well as Camera Zizanio with its own contribution, bring together people of different ages, ethnicities with different customs and mentalities, uniting them thanks to the beneficial art of Cinema. For the last 17 year, a cultural miracle has been taking place in Pyrgos and the greater region, thanks to the inspired and tireless efforts of Mr. Dimitris Spyrou, Artistic Director and Founder of the Festival, and his capable colleagues. These two institutions must be developed in the most effective manner possible, so that more children and young people may have the unique opportunity to become critical spectators, to create their own images, and to form a personal stance about show business, so that they don’t end up passive receivers and victims of «the market»., For all these reasons, the Festival’s International Jury, having full knowledge of the difficult economic circumstances in Greece, wishes to extend its gratitude to all the state institutions involved, and especially the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the local government, for supporting this outstanding and perfectly organized institution. To a large event, which is considered among the greatest of its kind in Europe, and which is full of children and young people in their most wonderful meeting. And to a place, one of the most beautiful in the world, which proves that the ancient concept of hospitality still lives in its current inhabitants.

    • Best Feature film Mother, I love you, Janis Nords, Latvia, 2013 Powerful story of a troubled boy who gets caught in a web of lies, the film is full of surprises and beautifully combines all elements of filmmaking, with a perfect rhythm.
    • Best feature film director Thomas Heinemann for Lola on the Pea, Germany,2014 In despite of the serious line of the film , Lola on the pea is a comedy for children with a very clear focus on the perspective of the young generation. Thomas Heinemann does a great job combining a variety of human characters and children’s feelings and emotions, in a way which is never banal. Giving the youngsters a hand, the director puts the kids in contact with serious issues around them, as the problems of Rebin and his family.
    • Best short fiction film Anything goes, Steven Wouterlood, The Netherlands, 2014 A cheerful film that encourages children to be direct and open, even when confronting the most difficult issue of one’s life.
    • Βest animated short film Papa, Natalie Labarre, USA, 2014 After many absent fathers in the films we found one daddy who was able to communicate and give responses to his little girl, building a nice toy for her! PAPA!
    • Best feature film screenplay to Janis Nords for the film Mother, I love you, , Latvia, 2013 Realistic drama, the film, gives a deep view of the soul of a “close”, sensitive, boy. The screenplay is skillfully written in a way that shows us the boy’s unique perspective in a tense, suspenseful and emotional way.
    • Βest young actor in a feature film To Mahmoud Asfa asTarek in the film When I saw you, Annemarie Jacir , Palaistine-Jordan-United Arab Emirates- Greece, 2012 For giving a convincing performance of a boy capable to distinguish truth from lie, refusing to use weapons and violence.
    • Βest young actress in a feature film to Aava Merikanto and Lilja Lehto in the film Jill and Joy, Finland, 2014 Moved by their absolute joyful way of behaving, simple, happy and innocent, as all the little girls should show out at their age. “Inseparable” protagonists of the award, hoping they will bring their colorful world to as many possible children in Europe, we give the prize to Onelli Ja Annelli, Jill and Joy.
    • Special Prize in feature film: Maybe Tomorrow, Alex K. Lee, Austria, 88΄, 2013 For realistically and essentially capturing the mentality of young people who face serious problems of rejection, contributing in their self awareness.
    • Special mention in feature film: Outlaw league, Jean Beaudry, Canada, 2014 for the high professional standard; the producer, with a long career in the children’s film productions, never loses contact with the young generations to tell stories which amuse and educate at the same time.
    • Special Mentions in short fiction films

    1) Schoolyard, Rinio Dragasaki, Greece, 2013: For symbolically recording the desperation and antagonism of the students who face the thwarting of their dreams at the end of the school year.

    2) Sissy, Siri Rutlin Harildstad, Norway, 13΄, 2013 : for the original way of approaching a normal situation of children of different ages in the family, using an original model, as horror film, with a lot of humor.

    3) A shell, Maya Tiberman, Israel, 2013: for the attention given by the director to the creative children’s imagination.

    Special Mention in short animation film Anatole’s little saucepan: For playfully educating about managing our burdens and our flaws and turning them into advantages.

    KIDS AND DOCS Jury Awards

    • Best Medium-Length Documentary Award
      White Black Boy, Camilla Magid, Denmark, 57΄, 2012 Rationale: The film succeeded in transmitting the tragedy of albino kids compelled to live on the edge of life torn between the scorching sun devouring their sensitive bodies and the fortune hunters chasing them from home. Their classmates are their only solace.
    • Best Short Documentary Award
      The Barrel, Anabel Rodriguez Rios, UK-Venezuela, 11΄, 2013 Rationale: For shedding light on a universal question “why poverty?” and underlining the paradox of wealth and poverty coexisting in the remote village of Congo Mirador in a highly skillful cinematographic way.
    • Special Mention Medium-Length Documentary Award
      Havana curveball, Marcia Jarmel, Ken Schneider, USA, 55΄, 2014 Rationale: The KIDS AND DOCS Jury would like to award Havana Curveball, an artistically and aesthetically perfect film, with a Special Mention. A film about the journey of awareness of a young boy living in the US who discovers his family roots. A film that promotes the universal ideals of Freedom and Democracy.
    • Special Mention Short Documentary Award
      Children of God, Ahmed Yassin, Iraq-UK-The Netherlands-Hungary, 10΄, 2013 Rationale: For being the voice of war victimised children. But love is there to take their pains away.

    Children’s Jury Awards

    Best Feature Film

    Maybe Tomorrow, Alex K. Lee, Austria, 88΄, 2013 Rationale: This film is about current social issues that young people have to face. We picked it for its optimistic ending that had a twist and kept the audience at the edge of their seats. The shots corresponded to the script.

    Best Short Fiction

    Sissy, Siri Rutlin Harildstad, Norway, 13΄, 2013 Rationale: We picked this film for its sense of humour. It was realistic and emotions. The sound effects as well as the score were scary and added atmosphere. An original film on its genre.

    Best Short Animation

    Out of the deep, Katrin Novakovic, Croatia, 7΄, 2013 Rationale: We liked how the objects were transformed into musical instruments. The puppets, even if they were toys, had a character and feelings. The music brought everything into life.

    Best Short Documentary

    The barrel, Anabel Rodriguez Rios, UK-Venezuela, 11΄, 2013 Rationale: It stood out thanks to its realism. It focused on the simplicity and the innocence that children maintain even when living in difficult circumstances and despite the vast exploitation of natural resources.

    Best Medium-Length Documentary

    Twin sisters, Mona Friis Bertheussen, Norway, 58΄, 2013 Rationale: Amongst the many films we saw, we would like to award “Twin Sisters”. Its subject matter was original and combined emotions with practical facts. The documentary made use of a number of old photographs and home movies.


    ECFA, European Children’s Film Association, strengthens the high quality film culture for children and young people. Its aims are to secure children’s access to the best possible film culture and to increase awareness of the need for good media politics in the different European countries. ECFA is here to award, though, a European recent film and this is the choice: Lola on the Pea, Thomas Heinemann, Germany,2014.


    On behalf of CIFEJ, Le Centre International du Film pour les enfants et le Jeunes, whose objectives are to promote and respect the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Children, promote the production and distribution of films specially designed and suitable for them. We consider that Killa (Avinash Arun, India, 2014), is the film that deserves this award for its high human courage, friendship and solidarity. For its artistic, educational and technical level.

    UNICEF Award

    The Hellenic National Committee for UNICEF would like to congratulate all the artists and creators who took part in this year’s Festival and essentially honour them all with this award. After careful deliberation, since there was a large number of quality films in competition, we wish to present our award to a film that highlighted the bitter issue of immigration in a sensitive, politically correct and artistic way. We would like to congratulate the creators of When I Saw You (Annemarie Jacir, Palaistine-Jordan-United Arab Emirates- Greece, 2012).

    Greek Federation of Film Societies’ Award

    The Greek Federation of Film Societies’ Jury would like to present Shana – A Wolf’s Music by Nino Jacusso, (Switzerland- Canada, 2014), with their Best Feature Film Award for its narrative and cinematic perfection, the skilful blending of reality and imagination and also for highlighting the issue of the annihilation of ancient cultures and finally for its original and sensitive approach on the issue of the loss of one’s mother.

    Greek Actors Guild’ Award

    The Greek Actors Guild would like to present Kristofers Konovalovs with the Best Young Actor in a Feature Film Award for his performance in the film Mother I love you, (Janis Nords, Latvia, 2013). Kristofers gave an expressive, spontaneous and natural performance also showing skillful inwardness when necessary. The Greek Actors Guild would like to present Tabea Hanstein with the Best Young Actress in a Feature Film Award for her performance in the film Lola on the Pea, (Thomas Heinemann, Germany,2014). Tabea gave a convincing and spontaneous performance when expressing her part’s changes of feelings and mood swings. A natural and unassuming performance.