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The selected proposals for the 3rd “Creative Ideas” Pitching Lab

    27 proposals had been submitted to the 3rd Olympia “Creative Ideas” Pitching Lab of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People. The artistic director of the festival, Dimitris Spyrou, and the instructors of the workshop, Lina Giannopoulou, Agathi Darlasi and Tzortzina Kakoudaki, evaluated the proposals with the following criteria:

    Originality and authenticity of the idea

    Proximity of the idea to the child audience sought

    Realism of the proposal in terms of feasibility

    Clarity, adequacy, and coherence of the idea

    Compliance with the formal terms of the invitation

    The evaluation resulted in the selection of 12 ideas that will be invited to participate in the Pitching Lab and will claim the prizes awarded by the Greek Film Center (EKK) and ERT SA, amounting to 3,000 Euros each. The two proposals that will be awarded will be further strengthened with technical services in the final phase of the implementation of the films, offered by the companies Authorwave and SteFilm. Neaniko Plano will assist the creators in shaping their files and will also offer translation services at all stages up to the implementation of the films.

    The selected proposals are the following, in alphabetical order of their creators:

    The Sea Urchin (Achinos) / Baglanea Iris

    Ice cream cone (Honaki Pagoto) / Dimitriadis Konstantinos, Alevizou Phaedra

    Greenhouse (Thermokipio) / Georgakopoulos George

    Sleep is bored of fairy tales (O ipnos variete ta paramythia) / Kaplanidis Aris

    The Brouse (Melania) / Markoulakis Stavros

    The pier (O Molos) / Mavroeidis Zacharias

    Cute monsters (Xaritomena Terata) / Michailidou Tzaridou Alexandra

    The secret of the forest (To mystiko tou dasous)/ Sifakis Pavlos

    The beast who walks like a man / Sigalou Zoe, Siotou Marina

    I LOV YOU (S’AGAPO) / Spyridis George

    Open wings (Anichta ftera) / Tsiouvaras Vassilis, Deligiannis Taxiarchis

    Aliki found her name (I Aliki vrike to onoma tis) / Zachos Dimitris

    The 3rd Olympia “Creative Ideas” Pitching Lab will be implemented online, at the same time as the 23rd Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People and the 20th Camera Zizanio, between 21/11 – 6/12/2020. The educational programme of the workshop, prepared by instructors Lina Giannopoulou, Agathi Darlasi and Tzortzina Kakoudaki, includes seminars by Dutch producer, screenwriter and author Tamara Bos (also screenwriter of the films “Winky’s horse,” “Minoes” and “Romy’s Salon”), producer and distributor from Canada Xiaojuan Zhou of Chinese descent (Attraction Distribution) and director, screenwriter and artistic director of the Olympia Film Festival Dimitris Spyrou. The final presentation will be made before producers from Greece and abroad and the juries made up of EKK and ERT SA. The exact schedule of the workshop will be announced very soon.

    The Olympia Film Festival thanks those who have submitted their proposals and encourages them to continue writing screenplays for films of the “cinema for children and young people” genre, a genre with a pivotal role for the present and the future of our favorite art, cinema.

    The 3rd Olympia “Creative Ideas” Pitching Lab is held in collaboration with the Creative Europe MEDIA Office.