The competition consists of four sections:

  • Feature fiction films
  • Short fiction films
  • Short animation films
  • Documentaries



film-roll India / Color / 95' / 2018

Despite failing her father’s hopes for her to become a singer, Bulbul lives blissfully, hanging out in the fields and falling in love for the first time. But after she has endured the loss of a dear friend, she finally learns to sing for herself. […]

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Rima Das



film-roll France / Color / 60' / 2018

While his classmates are getting ready for the rehearsal of the end-of-year show, Daniel, 10years old, gets lost in the school corridors. He catches Marthe changing in the dressing room. Between the two children a new relationship will be forged. […]

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Marine Atlan

Fig Tree

Fig Tree

film-roll Ethiopia, France, Germany / Color / 93' / 2018

The fourteen years old Jewish Mina is trying to navigate between a surreal routine dictated by the civil war in Ethiopia and her last days of youth with her Christian boyfriend Eli. When she discovers that her family is planning to immigrate to Israel and escape the war, she weaves an alternate plan in order […]

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Aäläm-Wärqe Davidian

A First Farewell

A First Farewell / Di yi ci de li bie

film-roll China / Color / 88' / 2018

Deep in northwestern China, surrounded by cotton fields and desert, lies the Uyghur village that Isa calls home. When he is not at school or working on his parents’ farmyard, he spends carefree days with his friends–until the outside world starts forcing him to say one goodbye after another. With Isa’s mother‘s illness placing an […]

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Lina Wang

Here my village

Here my village / اینجا روستای من

film-roll Iran / Color / 84' / 2019

Farhad, a 12-year-old living with his mother and his 6-year-old sister in a village. He lost his father 5 years ago due to a fatal disease. Farhad is crazy about photos and magazines. One day, he goes to the city with his family and gets fascinated by a second hand camera on the shop window. […]

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Abas Aram

My grandpa is an alien

My grandpa is an alien / Moj dida je pao s Marsa

film-roll Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia / Color / 79' / 2019

The life of a little girl named Una turns upside down when her grandfather is abducted by aliens. In the basement of her house she accidentally finds out that grandpa is himself an alien whose ship fell on the Earth a long time ago. His pilot, a grumpy little robot, stayed here as well. The […]

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Marina Andree Škop
Drazen Zarkovic

On the Edge

On the Edge / На грани

film-roll Kazakhstan / Color / 63' / 2018

Life is an eternal clash of destinies. Lack of support and family warmth and conflicts with society are pushing heroes to a dangerous edge. […]

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Aldiyar Bairakimov

Rocca changes the world

Rocca changes the world / Rocca verändert die welt

film-roll Germany / Color / 101' / 2019

Brave, funny, and one of a kind: that’s Rocca. Rocca is eleven years old and lives a rather unique life. While her dad is watching over her as an astronaut from outer space, Rocca lives alone with her squirrel and is attending a normal school for the first time in her life. At school her […]

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Katja Benrath

Romy’s salon

Romy's salon / Kapsalon Romy

film-roll Netherlands / Color / 92' / 2019

In “Romy’s salon”, three generations of women are confronted with the effects of Alzheimer’s. When elderly hairdresser Stine confides in her ten-year-old granddaughter Romy instead of in her daughter Margot, it marks the start of a big adventure. […]

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Mischa Kamp

Scent of oranges

Scent of oranges / Uzly a pomeranče

film-roll Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia / Color / 92' / 2019

In love with a girl that smells of oranges while in a complicated relationship with his father,Darek is gentle, strong and devoted to his little sister and their herd of  horses. Darek’s world is a story about the joy and pain of growing up in the isolated yet beautiful Lusatian Mountains. Here, horses are not […]

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Ivan Pokorný

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