The Awards of 22nd Olympia Festival and 19th Camera Zizanio

22nd Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People

International Jury Awards


The Jury wants to thank the Festival for a week with excellent films, presented in an exciting environment for film lovers of all ages. Far beyond mainstream, the program not only has a big impact on the local audiences, it is also internationally recognized and a reference for European and non-European cinematic highlights.

Furthermore, we are delighted about the plan to use the old Raisin Factory, ΑSΟ, as a home for the Festival and all its projects, enhancing media literacy and project development.

Chapeau and congratulations to the local authorities for the vision and their engagement in this unique concept. Last but not least, we wish to express our gratitude for the outstanding hospitality: thanks for making us feel so much welcome!

The Awards

Best Feature Fiction Film

Bulbul can sing, Rima Das, India, 95’, 2018

The Jury has chosen a film which delivers us both cinematic quality and critical insight in the roles of girls, women and LGBT individuals in a traditional society. We were touched and convinced by director’s sensitivity and skills in presenting these issues.

Best Short Fiction Film

Rain Rain Run Away, Clementine Carrie, France, 15’, 2018

The Jury awards a film, which transforms a child’s feelings of anger into an experience of friendship and freedom, during an apocalyptic thunderstorm.

Best Short Animation Film

The Fox and the Bird, Sam and Fred Guilliaume, Switzerland-Belgium, 12’, 2018

The Jury awards a film which creates a unique world full of fun and surprise by making the best possible use of 3D animation. Its characters are unconventional and fully convincing.

Best Feature Film Director

To Marine Atlan for Daniel, France, 60’, 2018

The jury awards a director who lets us discover most unexpected aspects of his characters. Beyond all gender clichés we can share their emotions and learn new ways of overcoming fear, shame and anger.

Best Feature Film Screenplay

To Tamara Bos for Romy’s Salon, Netherlands-Germany, 92’, 2019

The Jury awards a writer who manages to combine credibility, sensitivity and a good portion of humour. The story is rich in details and brings us very close to the main character who is confronted with multiple conflicts in her everyday life.

Best Young Actor in a Feature Film

To Théo Polgar for his performance in Daniel, France, 60’, 2018

The Jury has chosen him for his outstanding performance, which keeps perfectly balanced the elements of desire and shame inside hidden expressions.

Best Young Actress in a Feature Film

To Arnali Das, for her performance in Bulbul can sing, India, 95’, 2018

This young actress captures in a very realistic way the step between innocence and maturity in a cruel world.

Kids & Docs Jury Awards


During this week of the 22nd Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People we had the chance to see a great variety of documentary films, often challenging and very different in their styles and subjects. Many of the films we have seen can change the perspective of children and young people on childhood and global issues. This festival is famous for the quality of its programme without compromises. It offers many opportunities to discover unique films from all over the world and we know that Olympia’s selection will be respected by many other international festivals. Therefore we thank the organizers for this cinematic experience which made it difficult for us to come to a decision. But finally we made it!

The Awards

Best Feature Documentary

In my blood it runs, Maya Newell, Australia, 84’, 2019

The Award for the best feature documentary goes to a film that depicts the harsh reality of a generation that was deprived of their homeland, culture and language. The strength of the film is that it does not suggest an easy solution to this problem. The film demands that we recognize the Aboriginal people’s right to reestablish their own way of life and future – even if it does not fit into the common Australian society.

Best Short & Medium Length Documentary

Chin Up, Joanne Salmon, Great Britain, 5’, 2018

In 5 minutes with striking and cheerful animation a young woman with Treacher Collins syndrome tells us the story of her life. On the bullying she had to face she reacts with black humour, which has helped her through these troubled times until she fulfilled her dream: to become an animator. The award for the best short film in the category “Kids and Docs” goes to a film, that encourages us not only to accept but even to appreciate diversity.

Best Feature Documentary Director

The magic life of V, Tonislav Hristov, Finland-Denmark-Bulgaria, 86’, 2019

Within this section of the festival we have found a film that unlocks the deeply wounded soul of a young woman whose coming of age was disturbed by her alcoholic father so she is still suffering from her broken self confidence. The director succeeds to create a safe environment for the characters to unfold their traumas. Such an intensity we can hardly find in any other film.

Special Mentions:

19.91, Emilia Sniegoska, Poland, 25’, 2019

To a film with a unique director’s perspective. It reveals that voluntary work may actually be a significant means so as to discover and cure our own trauma.

Copper Notes of a Dream, Reza Farahmand, Iran-Canada, 88’, 2019

To a film that emphasizes on the right of the children to have dreams – even and especially in the condition of war.

International Youth Jury Awards

Best Short Fiction Film

Metronome (In Time), Scott Lochmus, USA, 14’, 2019

Due to its professional production, its emotionally powerful script, its strong visuals and the excellent use of music that create a magical backdrop for the well developed characters.

Best Short Animation Film

Ian, a moving story, Abel Gorldfarb, Argentina, 9’, 2018

Because it touches on social issues and sends an unexpected, beautiful message and also, because it stands out thanks to its interesting visuals and remarkable animation, that tell a moving story in a fascinating way.

Children’s Jury Awards

Best Feature Fiction Film

Rocca changes the world, Katja Benrath, Germany, 101’, 2019

We chose this spirited, pleasant and funny movie which asks as to follow our dreams. The amazing performances are equally striking with the music, the tempo and variations of which went perfectly along with the shots.

Best Short Fiction Film

The stick, Teppo Airaksimen, Finland, 12’, 2019

This film possesses an extraordinarily emotional script, amazing performances and smooth scene changes. A stick becomes both a dog and a friend.

Best Short Animation Film

The Kite, Martin Smatana, Czech Republic-Slovakia-Poland, 13’, 2019

This is a touching story about people who pass away leaving us happy moments to remember them by. Its rarely seen patchwork and collage techniques breathed life to the characters and the wonderful nature.

Best Feature Documentary

Inventing Tomorrow, Laura Nix, USA-Indonesia-India-Mexico, 105’, 2018

We felt inspired by the efforts of children our own age from different parts of the world to solve the universal environmental crisis. Despite differences of origin and heritage, the fight passionately and go beyond themselves.

Best Short and Medium Documentary

OBON, Andre Hoermann and Anna Samo, Germany, 15’, 2018

Through this abstract animation we feel the horror of the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima and the tenderness shown by a strict father to his daughter after the destruction.

Special Awards

Hellenic Parliament “Human Values” Award

Romy’s Salon, Mischa Kamp, Netherlands-Germany, 92’, 2019

To a feature film which through skillful storytelling and excellent performances touches on the impact of Alzheimer’s on family and highlights the comforting values of love and empathy.

“#ThisisEU – European ValuesAward by the European Commission’s Representation in Greece

Rocca changes the world, Katja Benrath, Germany, 101’, 2019

Today, modern technologies allow children to create a world of their own/around them. And this world cannot be built on bullying but on love, friendship and respect.

European Children Film Association Awards (ECFA)

Feature Film: My grandpa is an alien, Drazen Zarkovic-Marina Andree Skop, Croatia-Slovenia-Czech Republic-Slovakia-Norway-Bosnia & Herzegovina and Luxemburg, 79’, 2019

In a rarely seen manner of science fiction genre in European children’s film, we witness a strong story in which friendship overcomes troubles.

Short Film: Melting Heart Cake, Benoit Chieux, France, 12’, 2019

A wonderful animation about unexpected adventures with a strong message and lots of

positive energy.

Documentary: Anbessa, Mo Scarpelli, Italy-USA, 86’, 2019

In a suburban housing area in Addis Abeba the traditιonal way of life clashes with modern times. A single mother with her deep wisdom from her ancestors educates her only son Asalif the best she can. But the apartment buildings come closer and closer to her poor wooden cottage with neither water nor electricity. So of course one day for Asalif the world of modern entertainment is more attractive than the old stories of his mother. In carefully observed scenes and strong symbols we see this change of times. We can read the anger and insecurity in the protagonists’ faces – it is about the future of Africa.


Rocca changes the world, Katja Benrath, Germany, 101’, 2019

Behind cheerful and comic elements, the complex life moments, routine and relationships at school, problems of our society as a whole, are hidden in this film. But don’t be afraid to be yourself and the world will transform around you.

Greek Film Critics Association Award

On the edge, Aldiyar Bairakimov, Kazakhstan, 60’, 2018

For its expressive frugality and density, by which in just 60 minutes it manages to construct in realistic simplicity and immediacy the harsh social reality of teen in post-Soviet Kazakhstan, while challenging in a bold and meaningful way many youth stereotypes

Greek Film Clubs’ Association Award

A First Farewell, Lina Wang, China, 88’, 2018

With immediacy, sensitivity and poetry, developing a fruitful dialogue with neorealism and poetic realism, the film depicts the way of life, the daily toil, the internal bonds, and the struggle to preserve its linguistic and other traditional elements of a community, an ethnic minority that has its origins in the mists of history, as well as its recognition of the need to adapt to the country’s broader contemporary socio-economic and cultural context.

2nd Olympia “Creative Ideas” Pitching lab Awards

The 2nd Olympia ‘Creative Ideas’ Pitching Lab aims to boost the production of films for children and young people in Greece, seeing as the level of it in Greece is much lower than in the rest of Europe. The initiative aims to produce qualitative films, which will meet international criteria for films for children and young people while avoiding the traps of oversimplification and misguided commerciality, and will be promotable within the international network of film festivals for children and young people. This year we welcome 11 creators out of the 41 who submitted their ideas.

For a complete, bold and unusual theme based on realism and the filmmaker’s personal emotional connection to it, the Greek Film Center Award, accompanied with 3.000 Euros, goes to the film 3 Summer Kisses by Erofili Moraiti.

The excellence in the director’s presentation in terms of theme knowledge, script analysis, and production, the aesthetic approach, as well as the range of the audience that is targeted for, were the key elements that constitute a competitive advantage. After a unanimous vote the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation award, accompanied with 3.000 Euros, goes to Vancouver by Artemis Anastasiadou.

Both films will also receive technical services by AUTHORWAVE and STEFILM and promotional services by Neaniko Plano.

19th European Meeting of Young People’s Audiovisual Creation Camera Zizanio

Greek Section Award

White smoke at last! The jury was faced with a difficult task, since most films were remarkable. Nevertheless, it was a unique experience and we had the time of our lives. We are confident in our choices and we present you our awards.

Category AFilms by children up to 12 years old

1st Award: The eternal book, 3o Primary School of Pyrgos

2nd award: The world of a book, llias Mathioudakis, Eleni Athanasa

3rd Award: Goodnight Grandfather, 4th Primary School of Xanthi

Category B – Films by children 13-16 years old

1st Award: The excursion, 1st Zografou High School – Theater association and photography club

2nd award: Believe, search, start…, 6th Zografou High School

3rd Award: Footballholics, High school of Tavros

Special mention

The noise of silence, 1st High School of Sitia, Crete

The Game, 2nd General High School of Mytilene

Category CFilms by youth 17-20 years old

1st Award: Group therapy, 7th General Lyceum of Nea Smirni

Akmi Education Group offers full scholarships to two of the crew members of the film which will win the 1st Prize in Category C (17-20 years old).

2nd award: Mother of memories, Evening high school of Mytilene

3rd Award: I need you, Lyceum of Kythira Cinema Club

Stavrakos Film School offers one scholarship.


Nikos Kavoukidis Award

The Art High School of Gerakas

MEDIA LITERACY AWARD (by the Educational Television – Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs)

History of Greek mural art II, 1st Primary school of Ilion


EFIVIOSI, 1st Gymnasium of Pyrgos

International Section Awards

This year, the International Section Jury was composed by university students. The films helped us viewers travel to different parts of the world and brought us in contact with various cultures and ways of thinking. These films made us think, cry, laugh, feel empathy or hatred, opened up our horizons and gave us an unforgettable experience. After a lot of thought and consideration, we decided to award the following films.

Category A up to 12 years old

Priorities, Bardic Studio, Australia

Category B 13-16 years old

Little swallow coming home, Studio Klasse, China

Category C 17-20 years old

Simpering, Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan, Bangladesh

European Section Awards

Our journey begun on Monday and continued through the week with 101 films from 31 countries. This opportunity for us and our peers to watch and evaluate the European Competition Section of the 19th Camera Zizanio was a unique experience for all.

Category A, up to 12 years old

1st Award: Fortissimo, Lilith Jorg, Germany

2nd Award: Signs, Tabby Myles (The Film Academy Edinburgh), Scotland

3rd Award: Walk beside me, Public school C.E.I.P Serreria, Spain

Category B, 13-16 years old

1st Award: Sorry, my bad, Class W – SLG, The Netherlands

2nd Award: Asperger, Ains, The Netherlands

3rd Award: Xanny, Lot Spekkers, The Netherlands

Category C, 17-20 years old

1st Award: Grounding, Οisin Reilly, Ireland

2nd Award: Escape, Station Next, Denmark

3rd Award: Have you seen Buster?, Emmanouel Li, UK