23rd Olympia Festival includes five tributes consisting of around 70 feature and short films.



film-roll Greece / Color / 15' / 2020

Athens 2020. Quarantine days. Daphne, a young singer, decides to break down the wall that separates her from her annoying neighbor. […]

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Anastasia Sima

Tale of two mozzies

Tale of two mozzies / Cykelmyggen og dansemyggen

film-roll Denmark / Color / 79' / 2007

Dagmar the dancing mosquito has the hots for Egon. But Egon, putting love on hold, is busy achieving the ultimate sprint on his bike and wants to see the world. When wicked red ant queen Dominella and her soldiers kill the black ant queen and take over her heap, our heroes are drawn into an […]

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Jannik Hastrup
Flemming Quist Moller


Tweetlings / Pipungerne

film-roll Denmark / Color / 5' / 2009

The guard and the princess / Prinsessen og vagten Sille finds a tiny crown in a flower. She decides to pretend to be a princess. She could do with a prince but Saxe doesn’t want to be a prince, he wants to be a guard instead. The foundling / Hittebarnet Sille and Saxe find a […]

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Tone Tarding

The cake in the sky

The cake in the sky / La torta in cielo

film-roll Italy / Color / 102' / 1973

The sun rises over the Trullo neighbourhood, in the outskirts of Rome, and a giant, mysterious flying object appears in the sky: a massive cake! As it approaches Earth, huge slices of cake fall to the ground, but the children quickly realise that they consist of nothing other but chocolate. The appearance of the strange, […]

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Lino del Fra



film-roll Greece / Color / 17' / 2020

A young boy is trapped in a Gingerbread House which underneath hides a gloomy world, while his mother is desperately trying to find the gate that will take him out of there. […]

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Vivian Papageorgiou

Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow / La Freccia Azzurra

film-roll Italy, Luxembourg / Color / 94' / 1996

It’s the 6th of January, and, as it happens every year in Italy, Befana will cross the skies to deliver presents to all the children. Dr Scarafoni, her devious helper, is taking advantage of her generosity and plans to give presents only to the rich children; besides, their parents visit Befana’s toy shop often. However, […]

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Enzo d’Alò

Harmless Risk

Harmless Risk

film-roll Greece / Color / 9' / 2020

A young woman is standing outside the school she used to attend as a child. Her school years memories teach us the meaning and power of true friendship and love. […]

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Giorgos Maras

The Onion boy

The Onion boy / Cipollino

film-roll USSR / Color / 39' / 1961

The kingdom of fruit and vegetables is ruled by the bitter and unlikeable Prince Lemon. There also lives Cipollino, the Onion Boy, a clever and mischievous little boy who cannot tolerate injustice. The conflict between Cipollino and Prince Lemon is inevitable. It is time for the inhabitants of the kingdom to be rid of the […]

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Boris Petrovich Dezhkin