Feature films

A Time in Quchi_image03A Time in Quchi

Chang Tso-chi, Taiwan, 2013, 110′

A TIME IN QUCHI follows a boy’s coming of age during his summer vacation in the rural Quchi. Away from the familiar high-tech gadgets, Bao begins to see his grandpa’s idyllic life with a fresh eye and finds creative means to engage in the surrounding. With poetic visuals and sporadic touches of humor, the film deals with such deeper themes as loss, separation and secrecy.


Daniel Lambo, Belgium, 2014, 82
New kid in town and talented BMX rider Brent struggles with his ambitions, his grief and his love for a girl when he joins a group of urban youngsters showing off their supercharged mopeds in suburban streets and parks.

Broken hill bluesBroken Hill Blues

Sofia Norlin, Sweden, 2013, 80′
In Northern Sweden, a small community built around a mine. From the winter cold to summer greenery, some teenagers, about to take the leap in the adultage, fight with themselves and the world around them, learning to live, love and dream – while the city also is in a time of change, forced to move due to the explosions mining the ground.

"Onneli ja Anneli", tuotanto Zodiak Finland 2013Jill and Joy

Saara Cantell, Finland, 2014, 80′
When the two best friends, Jill and Joy find a huge amount of money on the street on the first day of the summer holiday they decide to buy a house from mysterious Mrs. Rosebud. It is a real dream house, measured and equipped exactly for two little seven-year-old girls’ requirements. Jill and Joy start to live the summer of their dreams, which is full of adventure and surprises but without any parents. Anything can happen and strange things occur as reality and fantasy magically intertwine.



Avinash Arun, India, 2014,107′
Coping with the recent death of his father, Chinu, 11- year old boy moves to a small Konkan town from a big city because of his mother’s job transfer. He finds it difficult to adjust to the new place and finds himself alienated and reluctant to open up to its people. Both Chinu and his mother grapple with their own individual struggles and anxieties in the new town. In the process, they emerge with newer experiences and as newer people, both healed and enriched.


LOLA AUF DER ERBSE 1Lola on the Pea

Thomas Heinemann, Germany, 2014, 90’
Lola lives on a house boat called “The Pea” together with her mother Loretta. Since her father vanished into thin air, she has become an outsider at her school. She wants nothing to change until he comes back. But suddenly two events tear Lola out of her lonely world. One: her mother has a new boyfriend, his name is Kurt, he’s a vet, and Lola does everything she can to get her mother and Kurt to split. And then there is Rebin, the mysterious new student in her class: he is a Kurd and lives illegally in Germany with his parents. In the beginning, Rebin is suspicious, but by and by the two outsiders become friends. When Rebin’s mother suddenly falls ill and cannot visit a regular physician, Lola asks for help to her mom’s boyfriend Kurt, the only doctor Lola trusts. But the next day Rebin and his family are gone, and Lola is convinced she has done everything the wrong way


MATEI CHILD MINER_still 1_Grandfathers watchMatei Child Miner

Alexandra Gulea, Romania-Germany- France, 2013, 82′
Matei (11), lives with his grandfather in a coal-mining region of Romania. His parents left to work in Italy. Between grandfather and child a very close relationship formed.
After an incident, Matei is unfairly kicked out of school.
The grandfather reacts violently and their mutual trust is destroyed. He flees from home and reaches Isidor, a shepherd, who sends him back to school. Instead Matei goes to Bucharest where he discovers The Museum of Natural Science. There he realizes that he prefers science over the life of a shepherd. He returns home.
Shortly after his arrival his grandfather dies and Matei is placed in a children’s home. When his mother and his younger brother return to take him to Italy he hides and they are forced to leave without him. Matei decides to stay and follow in his grandfather’s footsteps.


Alex K. Lee, Austria, 2013, 88′
Two teenagers, Philip and Sarah, meet online and develop a tragic plan to end their lives. They meet in person and hike into the mountains where Sarah used to go with her father as a child. On their journey to the top, their newborn friendship may not be enough to avoid taking the last fatal step….


mother I love youMother I Love You

Janis Nords, Latvia, 2013, 83′
Raymonds, a twelve-year-old boy does everything he can to make his mum proud. That’s why he lies to her when he’s punished. A lot of trouble is in store for him.


on the wings of imaginationOn the Wings of Imagination

Farhad Mehranfar, Iran, 2014, 100’
Bahram travels to an unknown place along with his daughter Raha who has a creative imagination, despite having Down’s syndrome. Bahram, who is a scriptwriter, is looking for the reason for his failures in his mental conversations with his wife, and takes notes. At the end of this short journey on the border of imagination and reality, he faces the fact of his own death and existence, the journey with no return for him.


shana_music_school_300dpiShana-The Wolf’s Music

Nino Jacusso, Switzerland-Canada, 2014, 96′
The First Nations girl Shana is a very gifted musician. But to bring her violin to sing, she must follow the wolf. Nino Jacusso has filmed this captivating coming-of-age drama with sensational beauty and spiritual tenderness.



Jean Beaudry, Canada, 2014, 90′
Nicolas, 12 years old, son and grandson of fishermen, lives alone with his mother and his sister in a village overlooking the sea. A terrible storm snatched his dad a few years earlier. Nicolas is in double mourning: for the disappearance of his father and for the disintegration of his grandfather Jérémie (Jeremiah). Unable to bear the death of his son, Jérémie sank into depression and alcohol, burning bridges to family and friends, but trying to keep in touch with his grandson. Summer vacation is the chance for Nicholas to resume his greatest pleasure: playing baseball with his friends. But a major obstacle greets the kids who assemble at the village baseball field: the town council has decided to convert the field into a municipal dump. With Nicolas as their leader, the village kids will resist the mayor’s machinations with ferocity and, to their surprise, they will receive the support of Jérémie and his old buddies.



Annemarie Jacir, Palestine, Jordan , Greece, UAE,  2013, 98’

The story of people affected by the times around them. In search of something more in their lives. A journey full of adventure, love, humor and the desire t be free, but most of all this is a story about that moment in a person’s life when he wakes up and finds the whole world is open and everything is possible – that moment you feel most alive. T iss a journey of the human spirit that knows no borders.

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