Short animated films

1 ANATOLE little saucepanAnatole’s little saucepan
Eric Montchaud, France, 2014, 6’, 2014
Anatole is always dragging his little saucepan behind him. It fell down on him one day. Ever since, the pan has been getting stuck on everything, keeping him from moving on.


2 Asylbarn - Jamila. Still 2Asylum Kids: Jamila, if only I could fly,
Jannik Hastrup, Denmark, 2013, 11’
Jamila was born in a Danish refugee camp eight years ago. Her parents made it to Denmark from Iraq ten years ago. Jamila has had many friends but most only stayed for a short while. Right now Cecilie is her best friend. They flirt with the boys and go to belly dancing at the afterschool club. But Cecilie and her family have been denied asylum and send out of the country. Who will be Jamila’s next friend?


3 Caterpilar and henCaterpillar and Hen
Michela Donini and Katya Rinaldi, Italy, 2013, 10′
A caterpillar and a hen are best friends. They both know that the time to part has come; but it will be nature, the secret heartbeat of the world, to dictate the rhythm of the booming waiting and of silent transformations.


guest at my homeGuests at my home
Oleg Fedchenko, Ukraine, 2013, 5′
Can we see the truth or the phenomenon in fact, or just a transparent shell…
There is only one space through which everything happens – sand. It is the only expresser of emotions of the characters. It is the reflection of the surrounding world , which can tells some little human’s stories. There is only sand texture , shadows on it, characters’ prints, signs of their livelihoods and sound which accompany the existence of sand.


imaginarium 2Imaginarium
Pedro Resende, Carlos Quesada, Helene Vizcaino Cuenca, UK-Spain-Portugal-Germany, 2014, 8′
How powerful can creativity be?
In the middle of a class, a boy’s need to share a drawing with a girl will make them escape to an imaginarium world that will be an adventure of its own!


Juan and the cloudJuan and the cloud
Giovanni Maccelli, Spain, 2014, 16′
Juan is a child who doesn’t have any friends. La Nube is a cloud who doesn’t have any cloud friends. They find each other and become friends. However, Juan grows up and gets lost in the grey adult world.


Christophe Defaye and Olivier Defaye, Japan-France, 2013, 3′
LA is a little blue musical note. He is always singing alone on the line. One day he meets a little girl, Mi, crying, and discovers friendship. He finds out that singing together with friends becomes melody.


Mimi_and LisaMimi & Lisa: Farewell Color Grey
Katarina Keresova, Slovakia, 2013, 7′
Blind, shy Mimi and restless, crazy Lisa discover the world of their neighbours in their house. Together they experience fantastic adventures. Lisa with her magic ability to bring about strange situations and fun, and Mimi with her special gifts and skills perfected in her world behind closed eyes.


on the other side of the woodsOn the Other Side of the Woods
Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, Estonia, 2014, 10’
Fairytale full of light, magic and nostalgia. A clay doll awakens her surroundings that become a syrreal world in constant flow of change. Shot with natural light the visible changes of daylight emphasize the passing of time in the film.


OutFromTheDeep_01Out from the Deep
Katrin Novakovic, Croatia, 2013, 7′
No peeking, please! Modern life has turned us into alienated individuals. The Good Old Swing Octopus comes to the rescue! Emerging from the depths of the sea, it brings life to our jaded city souls.


Natalie Labarre, USA, 2014, 6′
An eccentric inventor realizes he’s not a perfect father so one day he tries to make one.


Spellbreaker Sorrow after FightSpellBreaker
Diana van Houten and Janis Joy Epping, The Netherlands, 2013, 4′
A beetle, climbing and crawling through a sand landscape, gets trapped underneath a bucket with which two kids are amicably building a sandcastle. The peaceful harmony gets interrupted when the two of them receive only one present. Caused by jealousy, the children transform into monsters and a violent struggle erupts…


03COW_still_slossThe Cowboy – in color
Trygve Nielsen, Norway, 2013, 7’
In a black and white world a cowboy picks colors up from his hat, but a crow steals the hat and turns the world gray. A fable about the elementary particles – in RGB technique.


The impeccable MrHappyThe Impeccable Mr. Happy
Kaisa Pentilla, Finland, 2014, 20’
Whatever Mr. Happy does, it involves making his surroundings happy. In this you could call Mr. Happy a success. But when the night comes, he stargazes alone and wanders: “Will I ever become someone’s Cassio to their Peia?”. So when Miss Lemon moves downstairs, Mr. Happy saves no effort to make a sour person happy, and himself as well. This will take a lot of time, smiles and a special pastry from a singing baker.


The little CousteauThe Little Cousteau
Jakub Kouřil, Czech Repuplic, 2013, 8′
Undersea adventure in snowy city. A short cartoon film as an homage to Jacques Cousteau.


Underground CityUnderground City
Joanna Polak, Poland, 2014, 8′
The story takes us through the intricate corridors and corners of underworld in Lublin in which conceals many mysteries associated with the Lublin legends. He talks about the fantastic adventures of a boy who denying the existence of Lublin Viper and real magical power of misfortune stone, and falls into the Underground City. Surprisingly, in the underground of gaining favor with an unusual friend. If he want to get out, he must be put to the test …


vigia 1Vigia
Marcel Barelli, Switzerland, 2013, 8′
«My grandfather is telling me a story that he invented, and asks me to make a film out of it. Because of pol¬lution, pesticides, and other toxic substances, a bee decides to leave her hive, looking for a more comfortable place for her to live in.»


Wolf and a sheep_3Wolf and a sheep
Natalya Grebenkina, Russia, 2013,8′
Story is about one wolf and a sheep, which communicate under pressure of instincts. Who is stronger – wins, but not for a long time. A wise observer and the time changes theirs relationships.


yuk!Yuk !
Gabriel Jacquel, France-Belgium, 2014, 12’
Little Tom has an over-protective mother who makes sure that their house is spick and span and completely germ free. And keeps a close watch on what he eats too. They go to town. Mother is on her guard. At least, that’s what she thinks…


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