Aware of the Greek, European and international situation in the field of cinema for children and young people, we initially created a Festival – the only one of its kind in Greece – with a special artistic profile, philosophy and educational dimension.

We set high – but realistic and viable – specific goals:

  • Making quality cinema for children and young people familiar to the Greek audience, Greek filmmakers, cultural youth organisations and all others directly involved in the education and cultural development of young people. Contributing to the creation of a future film audience which has critical thought and aesthetic refinement.
  • Providing more opportunities to children and young people in Greece to watch quality films and meet with peers from various countries for cultural and educational purposes.
  • Encouraging the growth of film and audiovisual production for children and young people in Greece.
  • Contributing to the development of friendship and cooperation between filmmakers of different countries, cultures and perceptions; to help bring Greek filmmakers in contact with colleagues from other countries and to create a market for quality film and television productions for children and young people.
  • Showing quality Greek films to children of expatriate Greeks, bringing them in touch with the reality and language of contemporary Greece.
  • Constantly promoting universal human values and timeless Olympic ideals and hosting events which contribute to the development of contemporary culture alongside the traces of ancient civilization.

The Festival was embraced by the audience, especially children and young people, film organizations and the educational community. In the Province of Ilia, it is regarded as the most important cultural event, promoting the region and having gained the acceptance of all local organisations.

Artistic Director: Dimitris Spyrou