Awards 2011

Awards of 14th Olympia International Film Festival

for Children And Young People

International Jury Awards

Best Feature Film Award

Tomorrow Will Be Better, Dorota Kędzierzawska, Poland-Japan, 118΄, 2010.

For its exquisite cinematography encapturin the innocence of children even in high risk situations. A true hymn to anarchy in a existence without beginning, without end.

Best Short Fiction Film Award

Mokhtar, Halima Ouardiri, Canada-Morocco, 16΄, 2010

For illustrating with a clear film language, the confrontation of intolerance and the change that a child things.

Best Short Animation Film Award

The Farmer and the Robot,  Abdollah Alimorad, Iran, 22΄, 2011.

An ingenius marriage of tradition and technology. For its excellent characterization and accessible animation technique.


Βest  Director Feature Film

to Marco Chiarini, for his direction to The Thin Match Man, Italy, 81΄, 2009

Α beautiful and original example of magic realism. A true director’s film.


Best Screenplay Feature Film

to Olivier Ringerand Yves Ringer  for  the screenplay of the feature film On the Sly, Olivier Ringer, Belgium-France, 77΄, 2010

For its original story-telling from the perspective of a child.


Best Young Actor

to Toth Sandor as  Lali, in the film Vespa of  Diana Groo,  Hungary, 85΄, 2010

For delivering a strong performance that illustrated the multi-faceted  life of a long , searching for his father.



to Sara Mellezi as  Sisi, in the film Run Sister Run of  Marja Pyykkö, Finland, 110΄, 2010

For her convincing nd multi-dimentional performance. A teenager escalating her defiance to disguise her vulnerability.

Special Prize

Run Sister Run!, Marja Pyykkö, Finland, fiction, 110΄, 2010

Α film for adolescence which gets deep into the psychology of the youth in western societies.

Special prize

The Story of Little Paolo, Nicolas Liguori, France- Belgium, animation, 22΄, 2011

For its use of film as an educational tool.

Special Prize

The Thin Match Man, Marco Chiarini, Italy, 81΄, 2009

For its original music score, wishing that from next year there will be a separate prize for the last original music.

Special Prize

Coast Warning, Aleksandra Shadrina, Russia, animation, 7΄45΄΄, 2011

For treating a young love story with ingenuity and clarity.

Special Prize

Mobile, Verena Fels, Germany, animation, 6΄30΄΄, 2010

For its excellent exercise of animation technique and its universal appeal for all audiences, with a delightful  humor that offers a story open to multiple interpretations.

Awards of  Kids and Docs


Best documentary feature film

Kisses to the Children, Vassilis Loules, Greece, 2011

Best documentary short film

I’m never afraid, Willem Baptist, The Netherlands, 2010

Special Prize

7 or Why I Exist,  Hans-Helmut Grotjahn & Antje Starost, Germany, 2010


Special Prize

Dreams in Another Language, Loukia Rikaki, Greece, 2010

Children’s Jury Awards

Best feature film

Tomorrow Will Be Better, Dorota Kędzierzawska, Poland-Japan, 2010

Best Short Fiction Film

Mrs Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room, Mike Le Han, United Kingdom, 2011

Best Short Animation Film

Mobile, Verena Fels, Germany, 2010

Best Documentary Feature film

Kisses to the Children, Vassilis Loules , Greece, 2011

Best Documentary Short Film

I’m never afraid/Δεφοβάμαιποτέ, Willem Baptist, The Netherlands, 2010


Lost in Africa, Vibeke Muasya, Denmark, fiction, 92΄, 2010

For its successful presentation of a child endeavouring to find his routes.

ECFA Award

The Storyteller, Nandita Jain, United Kingdom, animation,  10΄, 2011

For the variety of animation styles and its delicate approach to the important subject of demensia of an aging relative.


Greek Committee of  UNICEF Award

Playing with Dolls, Georgy Negashev, Russia, 2010

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