2017 festival / NEWS

Films in Competition-Official Selections


20th Olympia International Film Festival

for Children and Young People

Listed below are the Official Selections competing in various categories

Feature Films

Bad lucky goat by Samir Oliveros, Colombia, 76΄, 2017

Ballad from Tibet (天籁梦想) by Zhang Wei, China, 84΄, 2017

Boy on the Bridge by Petros Haralabus, Cyprus, 90’, 2016

Cloudboy by Meikeminne Clinckspoor, Belgium-Sweden-Netherlands-Norway, 78΄, 2017

Little Harbour (Piata Lod) by Iveta Grófová, Slovakia-Czech Republic-Hungary, 85΄, 2017

Nika, by Slobodan Maksimovic, Slovenia, 92’, 2016

On Wheels (Sobre Rodas) by Mauro D’Addio, Brazil, 72΄, 2017

Strawberry days ( Jordgubbslande ) by Wiktor Ericsson, Sweden-Poland, 93΄, 2017

Three Quarters by Ilian Metev, Boulgaria, Germany, 82’, 2017

Village Rockstars by Rima Das, India 2017, 80 min

Wallay by Berni Goldblat, France-Burkina Faso-Qatar, 84΄, 2017

Wendy by Dagmar Seume, Germany, 85΄, 2017

White Bridge (Pole Sefid) by Ali Ghavitan, Iran, 80΄, 2017


Short Fiction Films

All that remains (Ce qui demeure) by Anne-Lise Morin, Belgium, 17΄, 2017

Aya by Francesca Canepa, Peru, 9΄, 2016

Brazuca by Faidon Gkretsikos, Greece, 19΄, 2017

Footsteps (Fótspor) by Hannes Thor Arason, Iceland, 15΄, 2017

Goldfish by Yorgos Angelopoulos, Greece, 14΄, 2017

Iron story (Zeleznata Prokazna) by Zlatko Kalenikov, FYROM, 16΄, 2017

Pezcal by Pablo Briones, Spain- Switzeland- Colombia- Argentina, 11΄, 2016

Push it by Julia Thelin, Sweden, 8΄, 2017

Schoolyard Blues (Skolstartssorg ) by Maria Eriksson, Sweden, 17΄, 2017

Scrap dolls by Aude Cuenod, USA, 13΄, 2016

St. Elliot by Tord Theodor Olsen, Norway, 10΄, 2017

The Circle (Hevêrk) by Rûken Tekeş, Turkey, μυθοπλασία / fiction, 14΄, 2016

The Mechanism or: How to Take Care of Yourself (Die Mechanik oder: Wie man auf sich Acht gibt) by Michael Chlebusch, Germany, 11΄, 2017

The silence (Il silenzio – Le silence) by Farnoosh Samadi & Ali Asgari, Italy-France, 15΄, 2016

What the eye doesn’ t see (Pas vu pas pris) by Frédéric Mermoud, Switzerland, 14΄, 2016

Hide and Seek (Bujocska), by Beno Gabor Baranyi), Hungary, 14’, 2017


Short Animation Films

Arthur, the stray dog by Irina Moroz & Sebastian Fischer, Germany, 4΄, 2017

Awaker (Prebúdzač) by Filip Diviak, Czech Republic, 10΄, 2017

Ayny, my second eye by Ahmad Saleh, Germany-Jordan-Palestine, 11΄, 2016

Bango vassil by Milen Vitanov & Vera Trajanova, Germany-Bulgary, 9΄, 2016

Big Boom by Marat Narimanov, Russia, 4’, 2016

Crab story by Tatiana Poliektova & Filippo Rivetti, Australia- Russia, 4΄, 2017

The Fruits of Clouds (Plody Mraků) by Kateřina Karhánková, Czech Republic, 10΄, 2017

Grandpa Walrus (Pepe Le Morse), by Loucrece Andreau, France, 15’, 2017

Hedgehog’s Home (Ježeva Kuća), by Eva Cvijanovic, Crοatia-Canada, 10’, 2017

Homegrown by Quentin Haberham, U.K, 9’, 2017

Jazzoo by Adam Marko-Nord, Sweden, 9΄, 2016

Miriam`s hen`s dream (Miriami  kana unistus) by Andres Tenusaar, Estonia, 5΄, 2016

Morning cowboy by Fernando Pomares, Spain, 15΄, 2017

Negative Space by Max Space & Ru Kuwahata, France, 5’,  2017

Odd is an egg (Odd er et egg) by Kristin Ulseth, Norway-Portugal, 11΄, 2016

Polska Warrior by Camiel Schouwenaar, Netherlands, 25’, 2017

Sarah-Wrath’s wind (Sarah- Zëmërimi erës) by Artan Maku, Albania, 7΄, 2017

The Sled (Belchonok i sanki), by Olesya Shchukina, Russia, 4’, 2016

Tindra’s Light (Tindra set fyr) by Andreas Paleologos, Norway, 10΄, 2016

Twin islands by Manon Sailly, Charlotte Sarfati, Christine Jaudoin, Lara Cochetel, Raphaël Huot &Fanny Teisson, France, 7΄, 2017


Kids & Docs

(Feature, Medium & Short Length)

A bastard child (Horungen) by Knutte Wester, Sweden-Norway, 57΄, 2016

Becoming who I was by Chang-Yong Moon & Jin Jeon, South Korea, 95΄, 2016

The bird boy (De vogelvriend) by Ingrid Kamerling, Netherlands, 22΄, 2016

Chickens for Kimaru by Eriss Khajira & Anne van Campenhout, Netherlands, 15΄, 2016

Children Online (Děti online) by Kateřina Hager, Czech Republic, 52΄, 2017

Circus Debere Berhan by Lukas Berger, Portugal-Germany, 11΄, 2015

Dyab by Mazin M Sherabayani,  Iraq, 20΄, 2016

Kayayo-The Living Shopping Baskets by Mari Bakke Riise, Norway, 32΄, 2016

Kinders by Arash T. Riahi & Arman T. Riahi, Austria, 95΄, 2016

Kunumi, The Native Thunder by Mauro D’Addio, Netherlands-Brazil, 12΄, 2016

Life animated by Roger Ross Williams, USA, 91΄, 2016

Listen to the silence by Mariam Chachia, Georgia, 80΄, 2016

The other side of the wall (Al otro lado del muro ) by Pau Ortiz, Spain, 68΄, 2017

A place for myself by Dusabejambo Marie Clementine, Rwanda, 21΄, 2016

Pride & Prejudice (Trots & Treiter ) by Mirjam Marks, Netherlands, 17΄, 2017

There is land (Ha terra) by Ana Vaz, France, 12΄, 2016

Volte (Wolte) by Monika Kotecka & Karolina Poryzała, Poland, 14΄, 2017

The wait by Emil Langballe, Denmark, 58΄, 2016

A Whistle Comes From Far Away (Işıklık ) by Burak Doğan, Turkey, 16΄, 2016

Words of Caramel (Palabras de Caramelo) by Juan Antonio Moreno Amador, Spain, 20΄, 2016



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