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    United Kingdom / Color / 9' / 2017

    A father raises his son like he cultivates his plants, shielded from harm, comfortable inside. However when the boy discovers life outside, the father is faced with an uncomfortable truth.

    Quentin Haberham

    Quentin Haberham is a Dutch director and animator with a love for characters, materials and stop motion. After studying Animation at the Utrecht School of the Arts he moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his passion for animated storytelling at the National Film and Television School.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Quentin Haberham
    • Screenplay: Quentin Haberham
    • Cinematography: Tom Doran
    • Editing: Emil Gundersen
    • Sound Design: Thomas Blazukas
    • Film Cast: Philip Philmar, Sarah Ovens
    • producer:: Caroline Bartleet


    • Keep It Together (2015)
    • On the Rocks (2015)
    • Jack (2013)