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    Sweden / Color / 18' / 2017

    Amal lives in a bomb shelter with her sisters in a wartime Syria. Food and water is scarce. One day when Amal is out playing, she finds a piece of gold. Suddenly other people claims the gold belongs to them.

    Abbe Hassan

    Born in Beirut, Lebanon but moved to the Älvsbyn in North of Sweden at the age of 7. He has directed and written several short films. In 2016 he produced the feature film, the critically acclaimed Måste Gitt. He has also produced over 40 commercials worldwide. He is now working on his first feature as a director.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Abbe Hassan
    • Screenplay: Abbe Hassan, Ivica Zubak
    • Cinematography: Linus Eklund
    • Editing: Tess Lindberg
    • Film Cast: Narin Ammara, Cedra Ammara, Sherin Ammara
    • producer:: Marcus Henricsson, Ivica Zubak


    • Olika Men Lika Bra (2013)
    • Men (2011)
    • Leverans (2009)
    • Cedra (2008)
    • Natasha (2006)
    • Så Stilla (2005)
    • Boom (2005)
    • Blåljus (2004)