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Cat Days

    Neko no Hi

    Germany, Japan / Color / 11' / 2018

    Jiro, a little boy, feels sick. His father takes him to the doctor’s. She diagnoses a harmless condition. But it shakes the core of the boy’s identity.

    Jon Frickey

    Born in Stade, Germany, in 1979. Lives and works in Hamburg. A filmmaker and illustrator since 2006, previously an art director in advertising. CAT DAYS is Frickey’s first short film that can be considered a film for children.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Jon Frickey
    • Screenplay: Jon Frickey
    • Cinematography: Jon Frickey
    • Editing: Jon Frickey
    • music: Gofish Trio & Satoko Shibata
    • Sound Design: David Kamp
    • Film Cast: Kanon Yamamoto, Yusuke Yamasaki, Iroha Sato, Shinobu Sawada, Fumio Okura, Fumio Okura
    • producer:: Jon Frickey, Takashi Horiguchi


    • Michelle’s Sacrifice (2013)
    • Mr. iiuu & the Nasty Bird (2010)
    • Financial Crisis (2008)
    • Fear the Atom! (2007)