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Paper crane

    Paper crane

    Australia / Color / 12' / 2018

    Seven-year-old Korean girl, lives with high expectations from her family to be a violin prodigy. Without the opportunity to explore the world around her, Sora meekly obeys the instructions of her father. Upon a trip to her grandmother’s house for her seventh birthday, Sora sees a glimpse of the world outside of the one set for her.

    Takumi Kawakami

    He was born in Melbourne, Australia on January7th, 1997. In December 2017, he graduated from Swinburne University of Technology with a Bachelor of Film and Television.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Takumi Kawakami
    • Screenplay: Takumi Kawakami
    • Cinematography: Haridharan Gannason
    • Editing: Joshua Lee
    • music: Edward Macdowell, Muzio Clementi, Leo Portnoff
    • Sound Design: Stephanie Ulan Manaloto
    • Film Cast: Sonya Markowsky
    • producer:: Takumi Kawakami Krnáčová
    • original language:  Korean, English


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