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The Redness of Red

    The Redness of Red

    United Kingdom / Color / 4' / 2018

    What does it mean to be conscious in a world that is becoming increasingly artificially intelligent? Can machines really see? Based on an interview with a professor in artificial intelligence, this short experimental documentary uses analog techniques to explore the human tendency to anthropomorphize simple drawings, and how we might do the same to machines.

    Emily Downe

    She is an award-winning animation director based in London. Her short films explore research-based topics in science, philosophy and the human story expressed through 2D, hand drawn animation. She has screened her films in competition at multiple international film and animation festivals including Annecy, Encounters, Monstra International Animation Festival and LIAF, where her animated short, "Spinning Record", screened in 2017. She graduated from Kingston School of Art in 2017 and completed her Masters in Documentary Animation at the Royal college of Art in 2019.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Emily Downe
    • Screenplay: Emily Downe, Prof. Murray Shanahan
    • Editing: Emily Downe
    • music: Jan Willem de With
    • Sound Design: Emily Downe, Ioannis Spanos, Jan Willem de With
    • Film Cast: Annabelle Broad, Daniel Earl
    • producer:: Emily Downe
    • original language:  English


    • Better (2019)
    • Spinning Record (2017)